Girl Child Labour

Girl Child Slogans

Slogans are a way to express the assertiveness in the mission of a program. This is done in a vocal manner or by placards that are held up while demonstrating the activeness. Creating awareness of a program require attention seeking ideas and slogans are a better way to initiate participation. The save girl child slogan has been doing the rounds well. There are several mediums of the girl child slogans to be displayed. This can be at prominent traffic stops or the vinyl pasted mountings. This can happen as an internet channel or go along with a famous advertisement.
Sending girl child slogans is one way to actually accept that much has to be done in a micro way so that the macro effect is moving entirely in India. Though all cannot change in a day, the little things done by us as individuals in our home is a stepping stone towards a radical change. One could organize a girl child program slogan competition on a national event like Republic day or Independence Day in school or the society compound.
Slogans along with a drawing competition are the best way to bring about change in the life of a girl child. Trusts and NGO’s can organize an open forum to use a drop box to express the public concerns for girl child and acknowledge their efforts by reading the same in public. The idea is to get global and express the importance of improving the condition of a girl child.
Some interesting slogans :
Heal the baby girl. Her smile heals the world.
Opportunity. Give the girl child a chance.
Care, because she does it selflessly.
From a child to a mother. Lets us build a path for her.
Be bold to stop violence. Show your concern for the girl child.
A baby is divine grace. Say no to sex detection tests.
Joy at every stage. Welcome the baby girl.
Dress her in frills. Don’t encourage child labour.
Vaccinations to eradicate maladies and love to just let her ‘be’.
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Girl Child Day

Nurturing the essence of women means valuing the belief of dignity and equality. Given a good chance, girl children are at par with their male counterparts. The opportunity or level is same for all individuals irrespective of their background. An infant wails or smiles and it is not gender based. They express similarly and have the same aspiration. A girl child is special as they are delicate in their minds. Life gets tough and they shape up molding into the changing times and fitting themselves into situations almost like a glove.
The national girl child day on 24th January is a commendable acknowledgement of the power in a girl child. There are NGO’s working exclusively for the cause of women. In these too there are marked categories like working for impoverished girl children or using funds to satisfy their primary need for food. The slogan on girl child ‘save a girl child’ has many connotations. It is a wide concept which points out the need in the entire India to look out and shape the small little world of the girl child who is an infant, toddler, teenager or a mother.
The thought of going to school for an urban child is utmost pleasure but for the deprived in the rural and downtrodden villages, the girl child seeks this as a luxury. Introducing the girl child day is just the beginning of many radical and progressively which will be brought in by the educated sector of the society. Funds sought for the girl child are redeemed under Sec 80 of the income tax act and allocating the funds rightly is the directive of any NGO.
Being assertive about their plans, the government is fighting for the rehabilitation of women who are mentally to be settled after being victims of physical assault and molestation. Erasing the social stigma is a huge process and effective way is being carried out with education and a guided profession to get their self esteem back. There are serious vices in the society that encourage human trafficking, child molestation and also denial of basic livelihood to children. We have come a long way removing road blocks and the path is still waiting to be paved in a more systematic direction.
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Law And The Girl Child

In order to improve the condition of a girl child in India it is essential to ascertain the root cause of the backwardness of the society. Being a male interested society, family’s desire for a male child to carry forth the ancestral heritage. A woman has a limited role to play in the business affairs of a narrow minded traditional family and hence her talents get wasted. The Indian law has always been forceful in implying the privileges of the lady members of the society.
Earlier several cases were registered for female infanticide and few of the culprits hardly expressed remorse in this case. They associated the girl as a continual liability and financial burden and hence decided to kill the girl child. However gruesome, the lack of education and the stigma of continually giving birth to a girl progeny served as a futile justification. There are stringent laws for this kind of murder and the sleuths are alert in many sectors.
The health of a girl child is very essential. As a girl child goes through many travails in life like childbirth, rearing and caring for family needs her health has to be good and nutritional plans are also conveyed by health associations in the rural areas. Deficiencies of iron and calcium result in irreparable problems which also travel to the fetus and hence it is important to look into the health of a girl child. Reported cases of depriving the girl child of basic healthy food are considered an offence as per Indian law.
Child labor laws give much focus to the girl child labor. Often we had seen teenage pregnancy due to the child marriage in India. The pregnant laborers who are women are seen in construction sites at a very keen age and the load on their backs is certainly not justified. Moreover the girl child is also made to do household chores, cooking and tending to homely jobs which leave very less time for her to rest. The labor law has strictly cited the number of hours for work, the age and safe conditions which are required for functioning.
The minimum age for the girl child for marriage has to be 18 which is mentioned in the marriage act of Indian law. The cases of molestation, rape, abuse, mental torture can be controlled by enforcing the law and this is one way to help girl child so that they today is secure.
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Privileges of a Girl Child

While being a progressive country, the government and politicians are adopting aggressive strategies to eradicate the growing concern of poverty, illiteracy, disasters and lack of awareness. One main concern which is being looked out is the education and health of the girl child. The law too has several stipulations to protect the girl child and highlight her rights and privileges. Abolishing dowry is also an ongoing effort as still there are reports of the same. Much is in control and people also are realizing the worth of girl children.
As a male dominated society and the patriarchal concept, many families concentrate their efforts on the boy child. But it is coming to light, through several achievers in the field of sports, politics, business and entertainment that women have an equal talent in the same. It is very important that the girl child be nourished emotionally and brought to a status that will make the nation proud. Education in most government aided schools is free for the girl child. Educating the girl child project has picked momentum by the day.
The concept of streedhan is very much important especially after several disheartening cases of dowry death. This is clearly indicated in the law that the woman has a right to her wealth which is given to her by her family via marriage. The education of a girl child certainly makes her assertive and she does not succumb to the efforts of a dominant environment. Being a role model in her house, the lady of the house is responsible for installing virtues in the girl child of the house and all others.
The right to hygienic environment, rest and healthy food is also the privilege of a girl child. It must be a just endeavor of every parent to instill these rights in a girl child so that she does not ignore her basic needs while taking on huge responsibilities. The girl child needs to have equal knowledge of her family business and her share in the property. This is her right and privilege which most families are now realizing. Using a hobby or vocation and putting it into business use or seeking an educational course to pursue a career is also a priority of a girl child.
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Girl Child Education

The upliftment of girl child in India would be incomplete without education. The basic needs for survival are very essential like food, shelter and clothing. In case of tribal areas or where accessibility is distant, the government is catering to the basic needs as a priority and is then going on to other needs of the sector. Much is being done and yet there is much to do for the girl child India. Apart from donations, there is also a great need for voluntary teachers who would take this as a mission.
Providing literacy in the villages can be taken up as a mission. There are various phases wherein the basic education can be given via schools and the upgrade can be done by concentrating on vocation. This enables them a self esteem and the girl child is thus at par with the other male children in the locality. Education for a girl child even in affluent families is quite a concern. People associate this as secondary and all efforts are concentrated on educating the male child in the family. Changing mindsets are surely paving better inroads for the future girl children in India.
Seeking donations are one way to ensure there is constant education given to the girl child. The donations are also used as tax saving schemes specially formulated in the section 80G of the income tax act. Proper channeling of the funds is the prima requirement of all the NGO’s or government backed associations. Anganwadis or night schools also help in providing education. It is important to educate the elders so that they are able to read and comprehend the goings on around them.
Providing better standards of living is also an effort which will help them to reach the schools or centers where free education is imparted to the girl children. Several schools also give rewards for being present and punctuality which works as an incentive for their families. Study material like bags, water bottle, lunch box or writing materials like writing board, pen, pencil, eraser and sharpener along with craft-art items is provided by the school. Much is done to improve the condition of the infrastructure of the existing schools.
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Health of Indian Girl Child

In tropical countries, it is believed that girls reach their puberty stage earlier. Owing to the same the cases of anemia are high in India. The chances of early marriage also leads to early pregnancy and this is many times not desirable. The household chores, burden of financial obligations, poverty, nutritional deficiency is a common problem in rural states. The plight of many girl children is unbelievable with main problems like being underweight or having nutritional disorders.
The government is trying its best via various mediums like television, social workers and also schools to let the girl child know about how important a balanced diet is. Further expectant mothers have open access to free medical kits and aids. The medium of communication also educates them about a complete meal and the importance of folic acid during pregnancy. Many personal problems are also solved with so many doctors posted in rural areas.
The girl child policy is well formulated keeping the girl child problems for especially those under the poverty line. Lack of guidance and money is also a main hindrance for the girl children. Matters of hygiene, menstrual problems, related weakness is well educated by the social workers who go door to door to tell the villagers about the awareness programs and health centers.
With the onset of puberty, girl children develop a lot of hormonal changes in their body. A brief insight about sex education, their needs, knowledge about abuse is absolutely essential for building their esteem. Though urban schools have the same in their curriculum, the rural centers are also giving more accentuation in this regard. The basic right to eat and stay healthy is not looked upon as an option in the rural areas and hence the families have to be open to the idea of treating the boy and girl child with equality.
The girl, who will soon be a woman tomorrow and get into a child bearing age, has to be treated with respect and dignity. The mental health also has to be stimulated with regards to hobby, vocation and respecting her intellect is very important to lay a strong foundation for tomorrows India.
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Female Infanticide

Gruesome and unthinkable are the ways to describe this phenomenon which was rampant earlier in India. Families preferred men in their generations so that the continuity remains. The patriarchal concept totally disregarded that a women is capable of creating a progeny and delivery the child. A situation was serious here when the census revealed lesser number of girls in comparison to men. Acknowledging this, the government survey looked out for this reason and alarming news of female baby deaths was revealed.
A girl child in India is looked as a responsibility and poor families in the rural areas who primarily works as artisans or farmers are under a lot of financial borrowing. Further borrowing for the growth of the little child girl would weaken their basic livelihood. The girls in these families are also poorly fed where the concentration is on the male child as they look upon him as the reliever of their problems.
New born babies were buried alive or refused to be taken care of and hence they died a painful death. Many families felt it was a justified feat and also many superstitious or the belief of human sacrifice justified their minds. Partly innocence and also the aspiration to have male children resulted in the killing of new born girl children. A strict vigil is now kept by the government, especially beginning with clinics where the sonography room displays the notice of not able to mention the sex of the child.
People participating in any case of attempt in female foeticide are strictly punished by the law. Better health and awareness for the expectant mother is explained along with vaccinations to protect them against birth defects. Giving them basic amenities and hope for a better future with education is the only way to change their mind set. The case of dowry and wedding expenses is huge on the girl’s side even today and hence the families prefer male members.
More people have to understand that the women have to respect for their own dignity, strength and ability to go on with the tough things that life expresses. Though the families are opening up to a progressive atmosphere, education and health is of main importance for the girl child and the women in each household
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NGO And Efforts for Girl Child

The selfless service of many social organizations has to be lauded in a big way. There are many unsung heroes here who make it a goal to rehabilitate the girl child and others under the poverty line. There are many plans to save a girl child and improve the status of girl child in India. Efforts are on to change the mindset of people so that people look into opportunities to give an all-rounded-exposure to the Indian girl child. Many NGO’s focus on the orphanages dedicated for girls who looks into their growth, expression and education.
An NGO works on certain parameters and guidelines that are decided by the central authorities. Hence the volunteers group together and decide how to go about a particular problem. Human trafficking is a huge problem in the world and many girl children are rescued with the help of police force. This is a huge task to relocate the children and give them a direction. The victim has a mind set and changing them is the initiative of the NGO.
Using several psychological tools, the NGO’s make an earnest attempt to improve the conditions of girl children who are traumatized owing to any form of abuse. This is a sensitive phase and the efforts by the volunteers have to be appreciated. Providing various capabilities like speaking English, correspondence education and jobs, the NGO’s look after their welfare.
Many NGO’s which are of global nature are responsible to implement save the girl child plans that includes encouraging girl child health programs, inoculation and basic right to live. Stringent rules are laid to check for female infanticide or other superstititions that are harmful for the life of a girl child. Securing funds and the trust of people who expect help is another mission of the NGO.
New initiatives are partaken with the help of volunteers to exclusively look out for the education of girl children. Funds are allocated for study and writing material to give more focus for such programs.
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Rural Girl Child

Several programs are ensured for the upliftment of the backwardness of the rural section of our Indian society. With dams, irrigation and loans, the rural life is getting cultivated to a more accessible option. There is exchange of information and the network is completed with technology. Educational schemes, night schools and adult education has gone a long wary to break the mindset of people.
Minimizing education and growth, the concept of child marriage took away the innocence and happiness of childhood. With the effort of government to abolish the same and a constant vigil to curb such happenings, the rural religious mindset is also going towards progress. The girl child scholarship scheme for education of girl child is keenly recognized by many and they are benefited by the same.
The main problem of many in the rural area is a tradition which has impoverished them. They need to be more open to the family system. Early marriage is often a problem which leads to early pregnancy among little girls. Their bodies are yet to bear the tendencies of pregnancy and ailments like anemia are a common problem. As the old belief exists, girls are given away in marriage at an early age which thwarts their growth and education.
The positive strokes seen in the rural economy through schools and colleges creates opportunities for many rural girl children. The hostels too are aided and funding is a continuous pursuit of these institutes. The rural children employed in agriculture are corrected by the labor law enforcement authorities and hence giving them an opportunity to enjoy their childhood.
Malnutrition or nutritional deficiency is again a common problem among them. The right mix of food is often given to male sections whereby the women are affected. Social workers go about explaining to them the methods of contraception, good food balance and also enhance their livelihood with education and growth opportunities. Maladies like typhoid and polio are eradicated with hygiene and inoculations which are given freely in hospitals.
Rural girl children have an equal right to live their childhood with zest and innocence. This is realized very well by the authorities and they are doing their best to improve their condition.
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Religious mindset for girls in India

Like the pious being in Mother Mary or the silent beauty of Sarawasti, the girl child in India is very much of holy nature. People worship a girl child as a Goddess till they reach puberty especially during the days of Navratri as per the Hindu religion. The girls are adorned with jewelry and considered an avatar of the Goddess Durga. Despite the same one can still hear case of the girl child abortion or a case of dowry harassment.
A single girl child is of equal importance as a male child which is now accepted in many families. Be it the sphere of education, business, sports or celebrity status a girl child has topped many charts. The religious protocol also believes in the father or the karta being the main person in the Hindu family. Hence they desire for sons to continue with the family tradition. A girl is revered as an embodiment of virtues and her freedom is thus curtained as per the narrow mindedness of the society. This is now slowly changing in the rural areas.
Many religious functions in the Hindu dharma are based for participation of girls and women. The famous being the karva chauth wherein women fast and have food only when the moon rises. This is a rigorous fast where even water is not allowed. During each ceremony or rituals, the lady of the house decks up in all her finery and ancestral jewelry to resemble the purity and grace of the Goddess. This is considered auspicious in the Hindu culture.
Being the ardhangini or the consort of the husband, a women multi tasks several functions of familial duties and ambitions. Be it culinary instincts or a care giving mother, today’s women does it all with grace and conviction. Following the religious mindset which earlier totally was male dominated; the women of today partake in all functions and decisions. Several religious foundations are also acknowledging women priests which were sincerely a domain of men.
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